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内容摘要:试题 1Dialogue OneManager: When are you gonna take your vacation?Woman: _ 1 C. I was planning to take it at the end of this month. My husband ...


试题 1
Dialogue One
Manager: When are you gonna take your vacation?
Woman: _    1 C. I was planning to take it at the end of this month. My husband and I haven't had a chance to have a vacation over the past three years. So we areplanning to travelto Europe this time.   Why?   2 D. Has something come up?
Manager:   Well, would it be too inconvenient for you to wait until next month?
Woman:   Hm....not really. 3 A.  I guess I can put it off until next month, but I've got to talk about it with my husband.
Manager:  4 B. Thank you very much.  . I really appreciate your being so flexible.
Dialogue Two
Speaker A: Why weren't you at school yesterday?
Speaker B:       5 C. I wasn't really feeling well.
Speaker A: What was wrong with you?
Speaker B: My stomach was upset.
Speaker A: Do you feel better now?
Speaker B:       6 B. I dodt really feel too well yet.
Speaker A: Do you want anything to make you feel better?
Speaker B: No, thanks.       7 A. I already took some medicine.
Speaker A: I hope you feel better.
Speaker B: Thank you.  D. Yes. I'm as good as an ox now.
Dialogue Three
Teacher: Tom, you're banging the table. It looks like you're angry.
Boy:       8 D.  I'vc looked everywhere.
      But I can't find the red block  (积木)  .
Teacher: Let me see. I can tell when I'm getting angry because my face feels hot and my heart beats faster. Did you feel anything like that when you banged the table just now?
Boy: Yes, I think so.
Teacher:  _  9 AThink about it.
     What else could you have done ifyou couldn't find the block?
Boy: Mmm...     10 C.  Ask you for help.    0r find something else to play with.
Teacher: That's great, Tom. B.  It must feeJ good.

Passage One
         One cowardly person came to a master ofmartial arts  (武术)  to leam bravery. The master looked at him and said:
        "The thing is," the ruaster smiled, <;that cowardice is only a habit. And by doing the things that scare us, we can  c~estroy镪e stereotypes. And now you know that bravery is the same habit. To make it a part of yourself, you need to move forward into the fear. And then the fear will ret'reat, and bravery will take its place."
  11.  Wyhat task did the master askihe person to finish? C.  To tell strangers about his own weakness.          
  12.  What did the person think ofthe task? B. Ratherdifficult.
  13.  What does Paragraph 4 mainly describe?  C.  The changes experienced by the person.
  14.W}len the person came back to the master, _    C.  he was no longer cowardly 
15.  in the last paragraph the master explains    A.   why cowardice can change into bravery

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